YouTube Videos - Long or Short?

I’m working on a new video to upload to my YouTube channel. I’m trying to decide which way to go with it. When looking at crochet videos on YouTube, do you prefer…

  1. A long video that covers every step of a project from start to finish, even if it’s 30 minutes to over one hour long.

  2. A playlist of shorter videos, dividing the project into segments, with each segment being no longer than 10 to 15 minutes.

  3. Other. Please explain.

I don’t watch YouTube very often, only for technical advice. I prefer the shorter videos for information I’m looking for.

I followed a project for a Tunisian Entrelac once. I was grateful she broke it into shorter segments.

I prefer shorter videos, even if it is in multiple parts. I get distracted easily, and shorter videos …

Oh look - a squirrel!

If it’s an instructional video I prefer shorter and to the point.

Thanks to everyone for all your input. So, it’s obvious the shorter videos (in a series/playlist) are preferred. How, then, would you feel about a long video that had details in the description box that listed the time stamps and topics to be found there?

For example…
01:15 Round 1
02:25 Round 2
03:55 Round 3
08:41 Border Round 1
09:27 Border Round 2

Oh! That’s a great idea!

Yes, that would work for me. Videos would be great if they were time stamped with techniques too.

So noted. I’m working on that now. Thanks so much for your helpful feedback.

OK, folks. Here’s my freshly published video with the timestamps in the description. Let me know what you think.

Looks good! I’m going to remember this when I want to try this technique again!

Thank you for your encouraging words.

Lol :joy: You’re too funny!

Very nice tutorial! Time stamps are great!! :+1: