Yarn Stores - Colorado and General Chat about your favs

Hi all…Thought it would be fun to start a discussion on yarn stores.
First, are there any Colorado folks here who have a fav yarn shop.
Second, for all you others who are not lucky enough to live in Colorado :), what makes for a fav LYS…classes, yarn, staff that sort of thing.

I will start off. I am in Eastern Colorado in a small town with no traffic light, and no LYS. However, when I lived in the Denver suburbs we still had a lot of yarn shops which have since closed. My fav used to be A Knitted Peace in Old Littleton, which was a small shop with friendly and knowledgable staff and great classes, but now the closest on to me is Colorful Yarns in Centennial. They have a HUGE, Overwhelming selection of yarns, and I just love the eye candy.

Happy trails,