Wrap and Turn holes...but only on the knit side??

Okay, I’m really hoping someone can help me figure this out because I actively avoid W&T because of this problem, but I’m sure I can’t avoid them forever. Every time I do W&Ts I end up with a hole at the site of the W&T, but only when the W&T is on the knit side, when they’re on the purl side there is no hole. Both pictures are of the same pattern using the same needles and the same yarn, the only difference is that the W&T is done on the knit side in the first picture and on the purl side in the second. I’m holding my finger directly behind the W&T in both pictures so you can see where the hole is on the knit and that there is no hole on the purl. I’ve tried everything I can think of to fix the problem, I’ve done both the W&T and the surrounding stitches tighter and looser, and I’ve twisted the stitches directly before and after the W&T, but I just can’t think of anything else to try. Can any of you help me figure this out? This pattern is a small stuffed dove on size 2 needles, so it’s a very small hole in this instance and it doesn’t really matter, but I have the same problem when I’ve tried to make socks with W&T, and let me tell you, that hole is very noticeable when you’re walking on a row of them along a turned heel!

WT Knit Side.jpg

WT Purl Side.jpg

You mentioned knitting the wrap with the turn. Maybe this video will inspire you to try that:


Yay! Knitting the wrap with the stitch closed the hole! I am still not a fan of W&T and will probably continue to avoid them for socks, but I am now confident that if I do have to use them for something (like more of my doves) I will at least be able to do it with no holes! Thank you so much @Amore and thank you @Woolfan for the video!

No Hole WandT.jpg