Who's Watching Tour de France and how are you watching it?

Just curious as to who plans to watch at least some of the TdF and how will you watch it? We don’t have cable, so I am seriously considering purchasing an NBC Gold cycling pass for 54.99. It’s good for one whole season, I believe, not per month. Granted, I’m not really into cycling as a sport, but I would rather pay 54.99 a year than some of the others like YouTube TV that costs that much per month. We don’t use Youtube TV, I don’t want to sign up for that, even with the free trial.

Do you plan to spin while they are riding? (I think it’s like at 6 or 7 in the morning???) I think I’ll be watching the replays in the afternoon or evening most days. From what I remember last year, there was beautiful scenery and a bit of excitement to the events. A fun thing to watch while spinning!

I just read that Peacock Premium will have all of the live events (but no rebroadcasts). It is 4.99 for a month. That’s probably what I will watch on, if I do. To me, it’s all about the spinning.

So that’s one I’ve never heard of before! I’ll look into it, but I do think I’d enjoy the replays since I probably will do most of my spinning in the afternoon.

I do know that last year I just watched YouTube recaps from the official TdF channel, but it was mostly like the beginning of each race, some highlights, and then the end of the day winners and such. It still allowed me to see some of the scenery, enjoy the anticipation of winners, and watch some of their struggles in cycling up steep mountains, through snow that ended one day’s event, and such, so you still got a bit of the feeling of being there without paying anything for viewing. I enjoyed watching it while spinning and kinda’ got into it! Our pastor is a cycling enthusiast and last year when I posted on FB that I was looking for options for viewing it and explained why, he took the effort to go and look up different viewing options and their costs and stopped by our pew on a Sunday morning just to let me know what he found.

I will likely do as you did with YouTube recaps - I’m sure it will give me a taste of the event. With non-wireless earphones hooked up to a Chromebook it is slightly awkward to spin anyway, so I might enjoy the quiet while I work each day.

You know, there’s something to be said for spinning with nothing playing to watch. It’s a good time for mindful meditation, praying for your loved ones, just relaxing from stress, etc.

@rkennell I agree!

I’ve done like you the past couple of days. The YouTube highlights and overviews are good. Some are 5 minutes (too short) and some are 20 - 30 minutes. I think it’s a good option for those that don’t want or aren’t able to pay.

@Spice2s - that’s what I’ve done so far. Today was actually the first I’ve been able to sit down and watch any of the TdF, so I watched the Stage 1 video and then today’s Stage 3, both about a half hour long. It was fun to watch, but my word–so many accidents on the first day! The rain really added a level of danger to it that caused a lot of problems!