Who's wanting to join Spin De Fleece 2020???

Tour de France is running from August 29 to September 20, and that will be here before we know it! Which means Spin de Fleece is also coming around! So, please reply below if you:

  1. Plan to join the Spin de Fleece. We’ll do teams if we have enough people.
  2. Would be willing to co-host the event with me; 3 people to co-host it would be ideal! (yes, I think co-hosts can win prizes)
  3. Would like to donate a prize–spindles, fiber, fiber tools, an embroidered tote with logo, etc.
  4. Would like to come up with an official colorway of fiber for this year that we could order from someone. This would need to be done soon and I would need a recommendation for a fiber dyer/source and probably the sooner the better! Preferably it would be someone from our FK site.

We will take all our activities to the Spin de Fleece group, but just getting general interest here. This is for spinners of all kinds–e-spinners, traditional wheels, beginners, advanced, whatever!

ETA: If you want to join, I have created a separate post with the details of the event for this year–just hop over there and comment that you’re in. Sorry about the duplicate posting, but I wanted to get the rules and details up and keep everything in one place.

I will spin and I will donate a prize. (I cannot offer to moderate as we have large chunks of time with spotty internet.) Thanks for doing this.

I’ll spin along with you. I don’t know your rules but I usually set a certain amount of time per day that I’d like to be spinning.

Thanks, @Carlota --Looking forward to having you join us!

@crosstitchlinda – This is only our 2nd year, so not a ton of rules, but we’ll post them as we go along. Glad you can join us! It’s a fun time and it’s fun to give away prizes!

Did anyone notice @PurlgirlButtons new avatar? Cute button!!!

That is so cute! I didn’t see it before.

I agree - very cute!

I am very new to Fiberkind and am struggling to adapt. I want to participate in Tour De Fleece and started today. Do I need to join a team? How do I post my participation. Any guidance is much appreciated

Welcome! You may join a team if you wish we have a chatter thread here https://fiberkind.com/forum/spinning/spin-a-longs/69224-team-fiberkind-chatter

weekly, on Friday I think, you will be asked for progress.

In the Roving Regulars I have said that you can post there as often as you want.

@Khgknits - Just what @crosstitchlinda said – Just join up with the group that fits your experience and pop on and chat as much as you want! We’ll have a thread for prizes where we can report weekly how many days we were able to spin. For those who get at least 15 minutes in a day on the days the the Tour de France runs, every week there will be a drawing. We’ll also have a Grand Prize drawing at the end for those who made it all the way through, so keep track of the days you spin.

I missed yesterday, but I have been spinning every day. Yesterday, we had to take our cat to the vet unexpectedly, and, from there, I lost my plan for the day. I am having trouble uploading photos and responding to comments. I hope to figure out this site in the never future. I hope all are enjoying the Tour de Fleece.

I hope your cat is okay. It is fine to post when you can - there will be a prize thread at the end of the week for everyone to report their progress for Week 2. Meanwhile, I think most people are posting updates (when convenient) in the thread for their chosen team. If you want to comment back to someone who comments on your post, just hit the comment button below your post, then put @ in front of their name and they will get a notification that you responded. I sometimes get confused too but we’ll all get the hang of it eventually and everyone has been there. If I run across the instructions for uploading photos I’ll link for you - I think @Char has explained this somewhere. I’m very much enjoying Spin de Fleece - having even a very modest goal every day has keep me choo chooing along :slight_smile:

Yes! I have set up a set of posting tips. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to the Spin De Fleece!

FiberKind will donate some fiber as a prize. I’m looking at some Malabrigo Nube from The Woolery I may wait to order until a colorway is chosen and try to match it. :slight_smile:

(Of course, it would be wonderful if folks used an affiliate of FiberKind :wink: )

Thanks for your generous contribution! I hope our affiliates get shown some love during this event.