What to do with the yarn.

So I have two skeins of Marie Tuskan yarn I got Woke a nice pinky red color and echo chamber in blue/grey. Of course it is fingering wight. Any suggestions on what to do with it?! :smiley: I feel like I should make something special!

I had to go look at her site for the color - this is quite striking! I like a shawlette if there isn’t nylon, if there is nylon socks are my favorite. :slight_smile:

It is 100% Moerino so I imagine it wouldn’t be socks. I started one shawl in fancy yarn I actually frogged it recently. I should probably start a new one, I’ll have to poke around.

A shawl is always a good idea, says the woman who is currently in shawl mode. :wink:

I look forward to seeing what you decide to make! :slight_smile:

It sounds like great yarn for a smaller shawl/scarf. Have you ever knit Close to You? That’s the shawl Char wore on the Deplorable Knitters podcast. It’s my favorite pattern. It looks great in solid colors or colorful yarn.

WAIT! WHAT??? Char is on Politically Incorrect Knitters Podcast? :running_woman::woman_cartwheeling:

YES!! And she’s great, it’s must see. It’s Politically Incorrect Knitters.

Yes!!! Did you find me?

Yes!!! Fantastic! Thank You so much Char for keeping this ball rolling

Yeah saw the whole thing. Its great to get the word out there it is not so easy finding a good place online these days.

You are so welcome! I am glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

Agreed Lushcrix