What should we put in this category?

Questions about yarn/fiber? We have stash category and de-stash too.

I am an indie dyer and always love to hear what others do as far as dyeing methods, what type of yarn bases are used, where you get your yarn bases and how in the world do you market and sell your yarns.

And both of you have great ideas

I think it would be good to hear experiences with different yarns- what patterns used, or what item it was used to knit ( hat, scarf, etc). How it worked/didn’t work. Pros and cons, etc.

@stasher I bet lots of people will have questions about yarn substitutions or if a particular yarn will work for a certain pattern. Were you active on R? I’d think you’d see similar questions in this yarn area that people asked in the Yarn forum there. There were also lots of questions about how a particular dye style might work up or what type of pattern to use with a “difficult” yarn…clown barf or what-have-you.

On “R”, I only posted maybe 3-4 posts, couple of them was looking for tricofit.
I was not active there but bought yarn from members and some patterns.

There needs to be a “Fiber Processing” sub-category, or words to that effect. This would include fiber sources, washing fiber, carding/hand carding/combing fiber, all the things to prepare to get it to the roving stage for spinning.

How about flax processing? I am currently drying my 2nd flax crop for spinning. It was harvested a week ago and is hanging outside on my deck in the sun. I am trying to decide if I want to rett it now or wait until next year.

I will miss R’s database of yarns with the user comments. I found the comments the most valuable.

Isn’t it already in spinning?

@stasher all I see in spinning category is “spinalongs” and “spinning help”. @Floppy2 that is so interesting that you process flox! There definitely should be a place for that also, I think.

Can you begin one here? Ask the Admin what may be done.

@Floppy2 - good idea. I wonder if there is a wish list. I’ll look.

That’s where I am getting yarn to dye also. :relaxed:

@Floppy2 - I started a Feature Wish List thread and suggested a yarn database.

Maybe what yarn/fiber people are having issues with or questions? I’ve been sleeping quite some time looking up ply and twist and different wool (e.g. breed of :sheep: vs knitting it with… Or how it dyes)…
If people have special info on any fiver6 then tell us so we don’t have to be overwhelmed by the interwebs and can get concise information?
For example, if it doesn’t say sock, what do I risk making socks out of it… Versus it is just sock weight… It can be confusing!!:rolleyes:

I’d love to know where people get their bases… Many I think want to hold that tight and quiet as an “industrial secret”…
I just want to play around with dye for now because I’m kinda of picky. :grin:

I’m a dabbler at dyeing and have bought bases from Wool2dye4. Normally, you have to buy skeins in 10 ct. packages but twice a year they offer five skein packages which is more manageable for dabblers.

I’d like to know where dyers buy their yarn as well. I’m thinking of asking some of them…it wouldn’t be competition for their products as I’d just like to try out dyeing for myself. I’m in love with tight twist sock weight wool & nylon yarn right now. I am not a fan of single ply at all!!