Week Ending 9/17/22

Post your scores for this week here!!

So sorry it is late, I totally forgot I hadn’t posted yet.

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I had a great week this week did a bunch of scrappy hats and a scrappy baby blanket. I only count when something is completely used up.

W/E 9/17 +12

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I made progress on several projects, but only finished off one skein.

WTD = +2

I finished 2 pairs of socks (+6) and a cowl (+6)
WTD +12

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The site thinks i am new and has blocked me out of most active posts. Or is hardly anyone else here? Very confused.


PS Year dates on posts would be nice. Almost all of the posts i can see are from a couple of years ago and i only know that because i wrote some of them.

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I don’t know about being blocked out, possibly @HeatherAthebyne could help you. The most active thread is the one for the monthly chat. I think it is stuffies this month.

Every few minutes more of the site opens up for me. Its weird.

How are you Linda?

Doing fine! We are still having the zoom meetings if you can make them. How is your garden doing? As I recall you are in CA, so are you coming into a growing season? My garden is about done for the year.

My computer and I can’t reconcile on zoom. Its too frustrating or I would be there.

I am only growing a few tomatoes and peppers this year. Actually my husband is doing it. None of my medications work well anymore so I just struggle with getting through the day.
Drought here is awful but we finally got a tiny bit of rain this morning. More expected tonight. Fingers crossed!

Our weather turned cool this week and that activated my wanting to knit. I keep looking at those two sweaters that are almost done… Soon, I hope. One only needs blocking.

Wtd +2

I just checked and there shouldn’t be any restrictions on your account. Do you have any specific examples?

If you hover over the date in the top right corner of the post, you’ll see the full timestamp including the year.

Thank you. i never would have figured that out on my own.

I’m really lost here. I’ll work it out a bit each day. Old people, you know?

Hello! Long time no see, totally my fault. I got wrapped up in my Master’s degree studies and forgot to log in for a week or two then just forgot completely. There’s been way too much stress buying happening so I’m definitely going to join in next year. Doesn’t seem fair to start mid-process. I miss all the stash-busting motivation!

Good to see you again!! Hope the Masters went well. Go ahead and join the stash busting, anytime is a good time to begin reducing stash!

It did go well! I got my degree with straight A’s. I thought I’d have so much free time but it doesn’t feel like a ton more for some weird reason. Just happy to be done!

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