Week ending 7/22/23 Also 7/29/23

Post your weekly results here.

We need some more posts please everyone! I am going to the yarn store this afternoon so don’t be shy about posting next week either

I got out some of my WIPs and worked a little on several

Week +3

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W/E 7/22 +4

Sigh. I’ve fallen from last post’s heights! Got close to the end of the Sirdar Snuggly sweater, realized I’d done the neckline wrong, ripped back most of the yoke and put it into the UFO bin to be picked up some time when I may feel less impatient with doing the same stitches over again.

Started a lovely stashbuster blanket inspired by a photograph of multicolored corn on the cob. The corn is mostly blue-black shading to grey with a lot of dark red and a few random grains that are pink, orange, yellow, green, brown, and even teal. Wal-Mart had a sale on some “Puzzle” yarn that is dark blue stranded with a mix of black, grey, and dark red. I dug into my heavy worsted and bulky yarn bin and pulled out everything that looked black in a dim light, then took it into the sunlight to see–yes, most of it matched the colors of multicolored corn. I threw in balls in the bright accent colors and cast on with “Puzzle” on #10 needles. So far I’ve used up about a 1-ounce scrap of black wool, a bit of brown, and about 40% of the first skein of “Puzzle.”

I like it. Looking at white paper and computer screens all day makes my eyes love dark colors.

Sorry I forgot to start a new thread, but this one will work.

Also this is the last week in July (already!!). I will probably not post until Wed next week as I am possibly on Jury Duty Mon and Tues. Hoping they settle out of court or I don’t get picked.

7/29 Week -6, ytd -14

W/E 7/29 -8 YTD +116

I didn’t even go shopping, I spun up 5 skeins of yarn and only used one other skein.