Week Ending 7/2/2022

[B][SIZE=16px]:fk:Week Ending 7/2/2022:fk:

Post your scores for the week ending 7/2 here[/SIZE][/B]

I used two balls of cotton for dish cloths & Towel set, and 4+ balls of KP Stroll for a large multi colored shawl.

[SIZE=18px]WTD = +13[/SIZE]


I used zero yarn or fabric this week. I have been cross stitching a lot lately. This kit did come from my stash.

A 0 for me this week …

YTD -130

Go you!!

I have a “stash” of cross stich and embroidery kits too! What are you stitching currently?

Well, I’ll call it a week. Used 4 skeins +8
Spun one braid made a skein -2
club arrived -2
Acquired some yarn is a destash -748

W/E 7/2 -744
YTD -688

Guess I’m dancing this week!!!

-10+2= -8 week

I finished a pair of socks
WTD +1

I made progress on a multi-strand blanket (+10).

WTD = +10