Week Ending 6/18/2022

[SIZE=18px][B]:fk:Week Ending 6/18/2022:fk:

Post your scores for the week ending 6/18 here.​[/B][/SIZE]

I finished up some yarn this week. Woo hoo.
It was partial skeins of three colors, so I am just going to round it to one skein.

WTD +2

The Hobby Lobby closest to work marked the yarn clearance. I had fun talking to two ladies who were also shopping the sale.

WTD = -250

ETA: I may not have purchased that many skeins, but I am not counting them.

Our Hobby Lobby is just up the street. I went Thursday, and back again yesterday, for a total of 40 skeins/balls of beautiful yarn. So worth the negative numbers this week! I have several things almost finished, so hopefully next week I will have some better numbers next week.

[SIZE=18px]WTD - 80[/SIZE]

W/e 6/18 +6
ytd +52

I got 17 smallish skeins of cotton this week to continue my basket project that I have amazingly not even begin to burn out on, plus two big skeins last week of Bernat Maker that I forgot to post. So…
WTD -38

Wtd 0

I finished a pair of sock (+2)

0 for me this week

@KnitsWithHorses - yes, it was fun, especially when my hubby said, “are you sure you wouldn’t like more if you went back”? So I did.

Now that hubby is a keeper!

Week +2
ytd -6
@knitter131 too bad my package didn’t come this week from the yarn I ordered Sunday :rocket:

We are yarn lovers so those negative numbers once in a while mean FUN! :grin: