Week Ending 4/8/23

Post your totals here. Traditional, yardage and / or grams

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I finished Socks of Little Brain, which is Sock Madness round 3. This one was so much harder than it looks.

WTD: +2 MTD: -8 YTD: -44
Yards out: 355
Grams Out: 97


I finished a skein…finally.
WTD +2

yardage 225g

Oh, I think that looks pretty hard! You have done lovely work!!

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I was sent a skein of yarn by Karen Whooley as a prize for participation in the WIPS2FO in the Crochet Crew. It is very nice, but…that’s -1!!!

More shopping but used 2 balls and made a donation to the thrift shop
-9 week

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W/E 4/8 +6 695 yds this week

YTD +54; 3392.84 yds

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