Week Ending 4/1/23

Post your results for the week here,
Regular method and/or
Yardage/meterage and/or

You could do one, two or all of these methods

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W/E 4/1 +18
YTD +48

Yards this week 2697.84

The only thing I really finished was washing and calculating my yards/grams for my three braid three ply combo spin. I’m so happy to have it finally finished. In the end I added 5 skeins to stash for -10.

WTD: -10 MTD: -10 YTD: -46
Yards out: 0
Grams Out: 0

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Cute mosaic @Shauna825

I am -30+1=-29 this week
Got yarn for three sweaters!
4/2 added picture


That’s exciting! I’d love to know what you got/colors. I need to live vicariously through others since I haven’t bought any yarn yet this year.

Beautiful choices! I really like the purple speckle skeins in front.