Week Ending 12/26/2020

Our Last Post of the Year!
Post your score for the week - 12/20/2020 - 12/26/2020

Post both WTD & YTD scores.

No progress either way this week. Ready to welcome in 2021!
I keep a spreadsheet that keeps my tally for the year and these are the final numbers for the year:

WTD 0 YTD -712

I used 114 skeins
I bought 18 skeins
Was gifted 452 skeins (my beautiful yarn angel!)

I’m working on large projects, and won’t count yarn used until they are complete. I finished one 2-color scarf and one cowl, didn’t add any new yarn.

[SIZE=20px]WTD = + 4, YTD = + 79[/SIZE]

Won’t finish more tonight.
Used 3 skeins Had 2 yarn clubs arrive, both are supposed to be one skein, one was as advertised the second club sent a main color and two mini skeins so… -8 in for a grand total of

[SIZE=26px]WE 12/26/20 -2
YTD +160[/SIZE]

The highest I got this year was +190 not bad at all.

I’ve missed coming for some time now. I’m still doing very well on using up stash but I lost count in October. I still feel confident that this helped to keep my buying yarn in check this year and I will continue with this next year. Congratulations to everybody!

my last count was October 17 -26 YTD +192

I used a lot of that yarn on Christmas gifts, but things got busy and I stopped counting. I have managed to save all my yarn bands.

I have used nothing, purchased nothing…

WTD zero! YTD -286

[SIZE=18px]WTD: +0, YTD: +167 WE 12/26

Nothing used nothing added this week. :fk:[/SIZE]

I have two FOs this week: a striped cardigan (+6) and a black cardigan (+14)
WTD +20
YTD -14
Not so bad after all:rolleyes::yarn:

I finished spinning a skein of yarn in a colorway called Christmas Lights. Some day it’s destined to be socks. I knit up a few minis too and came out with a total of +4 for the week.

WTD +4, YTD -123



Well…it looks like I may be ending 2020 shooting for the moon. I picked up 7 skeins, although three are already earmarked for projects.

WTD = -14
YTD = -75