Week Ending 12/25/2021

Another Stashbusting Year has come to an end. With our last Saturday of the year falling on Christmas day, let’s postpone our deadline to Sunday 12/26/2021. I’ll post the results Monday. Merry Christmas everyone! :fk:

Post your score for the week: 12/19/2021 - 12/25/2021

Include both WTD & YTD

Good Idea. And Merry Christmas to all.

I think that’s a good idea. Thanks @TexasPurl Merry Christmas!!

:gnome: Merry Christmas Everyone. (I gave away 3 skeins this week)

MTD +6

YTD +31

Wtd -4
ytd -84

I purchased some yarn from @Char (my LYS) -12. Also finished two scarves, (+7), a hat (+1), and almost 4 dishcloths (+2).

[SIZE=18px]WTD = - 2, YTD = + 41[/SIZE]

W/E 12/26 +2
YTD for 2021 +94

Didn’t quite get back over 100 after I received the huge donation for hats.

Wtd +2
ytd -288

My mom bought from my LYS. Lol

WTD +12
YTD +435

Last call… Please post totals for 2021!



[size=18px]wtd: 0, ytd: + 2 we 12/25/21[/size]

I was not feeling good and started working on a blanket.

WTD = +11
YTD = -379

Hope you’re feeling better!

Super late to the game but I’m a zero again this past week.