Week Ending 11/28/2020

Post your score for the week - 11/22/2020 - 11/28/2020

It’s the last Saturday of the month - post both WTD & YTD scores!

So, this was the week to get some WIP’s finished, and I had a productive week. I finished several scarves and a baby blanket, made 2 hats
and a shawl (+14)

I also received yarn from 2 yarn angels this week (-12)

[SIZE=18px]WTD = +2, YTD = +69[/SIZE]

I only finished the little characters for the Grand this week. No skeins used up.

WTD 0 YTD -628

I finished a skirt for bear (+1)
WTD +1 YTD -26

I was hoping to have more progress this week but I got distracted spinning and also bought a new Diamond Dotz picture. I finally found something my husband enjoys doing too so we’ve been working on our pictures together. I finally have my Slipstravaganza blocked and drying. I finished one hat with the leftovers and started a second one. After the second hat my slipstravaganza yarn should be all used up! Every last bit!!!

WTD 3, YTD -141




[SIZE=16px]WTD: +6, YTD: +161 WE 11/28[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px]Finally used up 3 skeins of yarn, working on my Tunisian crochet stitch #15 and my stashbuster granny squares blanket. :fk:[/SIZE]

[size=20px]wtd +2
ytd +168[/size]

I received some yarn ordered from @LizB - so squishy! :slight_smile:

WTD -10
YTD -282

This week was pretty much a wash, crafting-wise, and the other yarn advent I ordered is in transit, so I am null for the week.

WTD = 0

I forgot to post yesterday. And I had a really good week too! I finished off a bunch of yarn and finished a tunisian scrap afghan. My WTD was 12!

Although it seemed like I did a lot of knitting this week (I did) I didn’t use more than half of any skein (yet.). I’m sure finishing this blanket and knitting the border will put me over for next time.
WTD 11/28=. 0. YTD+6


@Snoogins - each week there is a thread like this one where you post your totals. :slight_smile:

Got it! Thank you!