Week ending 1/28/23

Here is your place for this weeks totals, also remember this is the last Saturday of January (already!!) so give us your Year to date total also!

+1 skein for me, used it up making a pair and a half of fingerless gloves. Ran out and didn’t have enough for the 2nd glove, but the recipient loves wild crazy stuff, so she gets a fingerless glove in each of her favorite colors. Trying to keep the momentum up and use up yarn.

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I am de-cluttering my house this week. Decided to give away 6 skeins of yarn.

WTD +12

YTD +14

I didn’t finish anything I can count and received a prize of one skein of sock yarn.

WTD: -2 MTD: -23 YTD: -23

Finished a few hats +8, finished spinning some yarn -2

W/E 1/28 +6

YTD -26

I will post totals later tonight or Monday Morning.

Week +3 I purchased one skein of a new yarn at my LYS but used 5 balls

Ytd +9

Do you have a year to date number?

Do you have a YTD num;ber

I have posted the weekly / monthly results, but I can always edit if anyone still wants to join in.

I finished a toy girl (+6) and received a bag of yarn (-54)
WTD -48 YTD -31