Week Ending 09/05/2020

Post your score for the week - 08/30/2020 - 09/05/2020

[SIZE=24px]wtd +4 [/SIZE]
ytd +186

Nothing finished this week. I did order some yarn for Christmas gifts but it isn’t here yet so…

WTD 0, YTD 4

Bought a skein. Used a skein. Worked on a couple of projects, but didn’t finish anything.

WTD (-2, +2) 0
YTD 29

I finished a hat and a butterfly toy
WTD +4

Nothing completed this week. Used a little bit here & a little bit there. I received a nice box full from my yarn angel. I’m headed to the moon y’all!

WTD -46

[SIZE=18px]WTD: +6, YTD: +131 WE 9/5[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px]I finished my Tunisian crochet lapghan using Bernat Bulky yarn.:fk:[/SIZE]

I started some things, but I did not finish anything. I do have a blanket in the process of being restarted, but it will be a null as far as this is concerned.

WTD = 0


I received some yarn I forgot I ordered, but donated some yarn that sent me to the positive. :slight_smile:

[SIZE=24px]WTD: +13[/SIZE]

I bought a few new skeins at Michaels and used up one partial ball on a little hat for Pine Ridge. If I keep up with my Reduction Strategy I think I’ll probably use up a lot of the partial balls I have set aside for scrap projects, hats, ornaments etc! But for this week…
WTD: -11 ; YTD: +48

Last call for Stashbusting scores!


I balled up a skein of hand-spun and started a sock, so I am at -1 for the week?

I will not finish anything else this week, so I might as well get this over with :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Purchased yarn - 11 skeins, -22

Donated and recycled yarn this week: +9

Completed items: 4 scarves, one pair of socks, and one cowl +11

So I guess it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated!

[SIZE=20px]WTD - 2[/SIZE]

Sorry! I forgot to do this, doing it now :neutral_face::neutral_face: