Week Ending 08/01/2020

Post your score for the week - 07/26/2020 - 08/01/2020

Well, I had 5 skeins come in, but I had 7 go out!! I think that worked out rather nicely :slight_smile:

[SIZE=20px]WTD +4 YTD +162[/SIZE]

I started a few new things, but all I finished were three scarves.

[SIZE=20px]WTD = +5[/SIZE]

I have a zero this week. Nothing in, nothing out. :slight_smile: hoping to finish my socks today then I’ll be back at my loom. :slight_smile:

WTD: zero

@Mekone - if you would like to join in our stash busters you are welcome. Start at zero. Every skein purchased or received is a -2, every skein used up, donated etc is +2. -/+ for partials received or used.

I don’t have anything to show this week. Nothing substantial in or out. I’ll still call it a win!

[SIZE=20px]WTD 0[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]I finished a few dishcloths and did some swatching, however I didn’t use up any balls for skeins. Better luck next week.:fk:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18px]WTD: +0, YTD: +125 WE 8/1[/SIZE]

I almost forgot! I got out of bed to post tonight. I made a hat and some granny squares. I decided to donate a bunch of yarn this week because I’m still reevaluating the yarns I truly want to use.
WTD +28
YTD +180

I’m late to post. So busy week I had. I finished baby hat and mittens.
WTD +2

WTD 4 YTD 60

I remembered to post my results!! :laughing::laughing::laughing: