Week Ending 06/20/2020

Post your score for the week - 06/14/2020 - 06/20/2020

I’m just going to jump in early on this one because it was a very good week for finishing all things kitchen related. I made dishcloths and scrubbies.
WTD +14
YTD +131

So, I didn’t complete as many projects this week. I’ve been working a lot on larger items. Finished a pair of socks and one scarf. Also donated some yarn to goodwill.

[SIZE=16px]WTD = +12[/SIZE]

I used up a little bit this week. I finished out some cotton yarn on a dishcloth & the last of some thread. Better than nothing I think!

WTD +4

I finished a cushion (+4) and two hats for sons (+4) this week.
WTD +8

The little voices in my head keep telling me get more yarn. Lol

So - I ordered the “perfect” yarn more than two months ago? It didn’t come, and it didn’t come… It finally arrived while we were away. And then there was the yarn shop we found local to our travels - and I have to support the LYS.

Anyway - I’m doing the dance today!

[SIZE=18px]WTD -108[/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]WTD: +0, YTD: +110 WE 6/20[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]I didn’t get a chance to work on anything this week. Cleaning the house, grocery shopping and cooking for company that came on Thursday and then a Dr’s appointment[/SIZE].

Well, I was gone all day yesterday and forgot to post
we 6/20 +6 ytd +144


Wowzer!!! So glad you were able to support the LYS :blush: