Week Ending 05/02/2020

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I did some shopping that showed up this week but I managed to use up a good bit of it since ten balls were tiny and I made little prayer squares from them. It was a good week for finishing and starting with one prayer shawl completed, ten prayer squares done, a pillow started and nearly completed and a summer sweater started. So, here is my bottom line:

WTD -6
YTD +67

Wow you have been busy. I need to get back to being productive.

[SIZE=22px]Week ending 5/2 +2 YTD +114[/SIZE]

Good thing the new spinning wheel doesn’t count against me!!

I’ve been busy making masks - too bad yards of
fabric doesn’t count!! Lol

WTD: 0

I didn’t finish even one ball of yarn this week,so

[size=16px]wtd: +1 [/size]

I made 2 earwarmers just so I wouldn’t have to count the skein I received with my Furls hook. Still no real progress on the WIPs.
I’ll get there, sooner or later. Still love the process.


Week ending 5/2:

I wasn’t nearly as productive last week. One hat, one dishcloth, 2 scarves and one pair of socks completed. I purchased one ball of yarn, and repurposed (frogged) a sweater. Next week should be better, as I have many WIP’s I hope to finish :blush:

[SIZE=16px]WTD +6, YTD +118[/SIZE]

Scores for the week ending 5/2/2020

:1st_place_medal: Gold Medal Winner: @knitter131 +6

:2nd_place_medal: Silver Medal Winner: @crosstitchlinda +2

:3rd_place_medal: Bronze Medal Winner: @DJM +1

Making Progress:

Holding Steady at 0:

  • @TexasPurl
  • @Char
  • @Natalia
[B]Been shopping:[/B]

:rocket: Shoot the Moon Winner: @Fisherwife -6

@Fisherwife – please remember to post results next week. If you are unable, you may reach out to @TexasPurl for a substitute

Another great week!!

Woot! Congratulations, @crosstitchlinda and @DJM!