Week Ending 02/19/2022

Post your score for the week: 02/13/2022 - 02/19/2022

I finished a blanket & a bucket bag this week.

[SIZE=22px]WTD +14[/SIZE]




I’ve been making lots of hats +12

W/E 2/19 +12
YTD +26

I taught three ladies how to crochet today at our Town Hall Crafting day. :). Donated four skeins to the cause.

WTD +8

I purchased 8 balls of sock yarn this week (-16), but I finished a lot as well. A scarf and hat (+3) and the first set of swatches (19 of them) plus one sock for my TKGA correspondence course. (+10).

[SIZE=18px]WTD - 3[/SIZE]

I used up a large skein on my blanket but I received 2 skeins from my subscription club.
WTD -2

Working on a Scraptastic bag (+10) and bought a clearance skein at HL for a blanket (-2). Have 2 orders coming from Valentines sales.

WTD = +8

I used up one more skein on the capelet, so ->

WTD +2

Week +4
ytd +20
One of LYS had 14% off for valentines weekend and posted an awesome sweater pattern for which I already have 2 skeins of yarn in stash—didn’t shop though
the LYS in the other direction has 20% off everything in-store until 2/28. The weather will probably stop me from that? :cloud_with_snow:

No FOs this week, but have received two bags of yarn WTD -90 YTD -64
I’m ready to dance :dancer::dancer::dancer: