Week Ending 02/13/2021

Post your score for the week: 02/07/2021 - 02/13/2021

I’d better get this posted before I forget.

I finished out a couple of spools of #20 thread on the wedding shawl & 1 skein on the Heart throw. Progress!

[SIZE=24px]WTD +6[/SIZE]

Going to be at DD’s all day so I’ll post now.

[SIZE=24px]WE 2/13 +6
YTD +22[/SIZE]

I completed a scrap battenburg (throw size) and two potholders as well as many more squares for Menya Throw. I made a big purchase for throw as well as another blanket, but I’ll include that when it gets here.

WTD +8
YTD +53

I received a box of yarn this week, but since it contained stash yarn that was in storage in a different state, I am not counting it against me.

WTD = 0, YTD = -24

I finished a baby hat (+3) and a rabbit toy (+14)
WTD +17

[SIZE=16px]WTD: +0, YTD: +16 WE 2/13 :fk:[/SIZE]

Zero :slight_smile:

[size=16px]wtd +4[/size]

[B][I]made a little progress this week …

WTD= +8; YTD= +56 [/I][/B]

I’ve had a busier week this week. I finished a pair of socks and used up the remaining yarn in my crochet puff stitch hexagon blanket +4. Then I finished spinning a skein of handspun yarn -2. I also participated in a minis swap with a friend. I ended up gifting the remnants of three balls of yarn +3, and she gave me 8 minis skeins, -16. I’ve already crocheted six of the minis into my crochet blanket +12. All in all I came out ahead!

WTD +1, YTD +10

Slow and Steady over here. I used up one skein this week . +2

I completed two pair of socks using leftovers, not many points, but slowly getting my sock leftovers used up :blush:. No yarn purchased this week.

[SIZE=20px]WTD = + 4[/SIZE]

Does it count if your friend asks you to make her something and buys the yarn for you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I know it does.
wtd net -6

Don’t feel bad - at least your friend didn’t buy 18 balls like my daughter did! There was a discount on packs of 6 so she got 3 of them… :woman_facepalming: And then I had to buy yarn for a test knit that was DEEPLY discounted for a pack of 12. It may be summer before I dig myself out of this hole.