Week Ending 02/08/2020

[SIZE=14px]Post your score for the week - 02/02/2020 - 02/08/2020[/SIZE]

I was gone last weekend a forgot to post my-16 score! That was from an abandoned project and put back into stash…
this week I am +1


I actually did some stitching this week, but my numbers sure don’t reflect it.

[SIZE=16px]WTD 0[/SIZE]

[SIZE=22px]WTD +4 YTD +34[/SIZE]

We’ll see what happens next week, I’ll be travelling to visit DD family and she has a great yarn shop near her!! But I’ll get lots of knitting time on the train.

I had a good stashbusting week, didn’t make any purchases of yarn, used up more leftovers - worsted and fingering weight. Also a shawl in DK weight that used up two new balls.

Total items completed this week: 3 scarves, 2 hats and 1 shawl. I’m also making a pair of socks using leftovers, b and two more pairs of socks using new yarn. socks are not done yet.

[SIZE=16px]WYD = + 20[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18px]WTD: +2, YTD: +39

Working on the edging for my blanket, seems like it’s taking forever.[/SIZE]

I have a difficult (but happy) time, so this means less knitting.
I am working on using remnants of sock yarn. I have already knitted a second sock for myself (+1), a pair of socks for baby (+3). The other two pairs of socks are in progress as well as a baby jumper and a pouf (+2).

WTD +6 YTD +26

This week I used up two skeins of yarn making 4 hats (chemo caps). I’m actually getting somewhere…slowly, slowly! That puts me at:

[SIZE=14px]WTD: +4 YTD: +10[/SIZE]

I am at


This week. I’ve been busily knitting socks, a palindrome scarf and a temperature blanket; crocheting another temperature blanket, started a spice market blanket (my three color version.). Just no skeins used up.

I am looking at the temperature blanket and if the temps are right next week I’ll have at least one skein used up. Lol

I might need the UFO Support group. Lol

I forgot last week, so the count is a little better this week.
WTD +3
YTD -15

I’m not going to be able to remember if I don’t record something, so yes I know this is late I just want to have it down somewhere LOL
I worked on using up scrubber stash this last week, and with other things since my last check in made it to +
74 but it was also fiber retreat weekend which gave me -22 but I was also able to give away a skein for another +2 so lets see what that is from before I was -18 for ytd, so now I am at +36 for ytd :slight_smile:
Oh wait I also caked up 8 hanks at the retreat, that’s +44 ytd
Ok now I think I have everything accounted for.

Thanks for posting!
Just to clarify…the hanks you caked up, did you use those cakes in a project? Winding hanks into cakes or any other manageable form doesn’t earn points.

Maybe I misunderstood then, I thought caking/balling up was 1pt, and then when it’s gone it is the other pt. they are in the stand by pile for when I get a free needle I don’t count it again until the ball is completely gone.

If you used any part of them, then yes, your process is correct. There was some confusion when we started the challenge regard winding into balls.

I use a simple method. Whatever form the new yarn comes in (skein, hank, ball, cake, etc.), it’s a “skein” added to the stash. -2
When I partially use a skein, I earn 1 pt. When the remainder of the skein is used(which is now referred to as a “ball”), I earn the other point.

No worries! You were still a long way from winning the “Shoot the Moon” prize. I’m afraid I had that distinction. :thinking:

You will probably pass alot of us by once you get farther in your blankets :blush: