Week 2 Jan 8 - 14

This is for this week’s usage.

I have been working daily on a blanket. Do any of you have suggestions for how I would enter the embroidery thread I am using on a baby cross stitch blanket? I could enter amount of thread lengths or inches of thread used or perhaps section of work? I am not used to paying weekly attention to how much I have used up on this project.
thx for any help.

Will you be using up whole skeins of floss?? You could always just track those on a monthly basis. In fact if you’d just rather track on a monthly basis feel free. There is a January thread already set up.

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I went out shopping and where my sewing machine was getting serviced they offer a 20% discount on fabric and notions. I was well behaved though - I only bought 2 yards of a beautiful patriotic fabric that will be amazing for Quilts of Valor quilt borders. I have plans to use it in a couple weeks on QOV sew day on 2/3/24.

Then we stopped at a quilt shop where the owner passed away in the fall and the shop will be closing. He has some very unique fabrics and I bought 12 yards.

BUT - I used 21 yards of fabric, 15 yards of fusible fleece and 14 yards of stabilizer. Yay! so far this weekend, so I’m happy about that. :slight_smile: not sure I should count the fusible fleece or stabilizer though even if they are taking up voluble space.

Updated totals:

WTD: -36 YTD: -36


I’d count every yard I used. stablizer and fleece included. :slight_smile:


I used 2 skeins again this week,

I finished the dungaree for baby boy (gift) used 225 g of wool/mohair yarn.
WTD +4

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Did you take a picture? I would love to see it.

Not yet, going to wash it tomorrow, and then I’ll take a photo of it.

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