Walk 07/16/2019

At the suggestion of a dear friend, she and I have decided to set a walking goal and hold each other accountable. We will take a camera on each walk and take at least one picture and share the pictures at the end of the month. I took more than one picture today, and these are5 of the ones I am keeping…


DSCN2498 (2).JPG


DSCN2493 (2).JPG


The other 4. Not sure if I’ll send all or just keep the edited ones of the same pictures. What do you think?





What a lovely idea. I love to walk, but usually end up walking by myself. This is a great way to share your experience.

This is such a great idea. I love to walk, but it is out of season for me (I don’t like to walk in 90+ degree heat with ridiculously high humidity, not to mention my hair would look like poodle when I finished). A month and half until the evenings here are cool enough to enjoy, I will have to keep this in mind as a motivator to get me moving.

Unfortunately, we can’t walk together, since I live in Maine and she lives in Tennessee. But knowing we’re both involved should be a good motivator.

It’s often over 100 here but I tend to walk very early in the morning while it’s still cool. Yes, it’s humid then and my curly hair goes crazy, too! I’ll take my shower when I get back. Somehow getting the exercise in early seems to set me up to be more energetic during the day. There were many years where morning wasn’t an option because I had kids needing me.