Trips for Knitters, Feedback?

DH is planning a deer hunt with a buddy, so I’m looking to follow my own bliss, which leads me to . . .
Seeking recommendations for trips for knitters.
Does anyone have experience with
Any other group knitting experiences you can report on/recommend?

Nice - I haven’t heard of them, but knitting / stitching retreats are always fun. One of these days I would like to do a stitching cruise. :o

OHHH yeah . . . I’m up for a cruise!

Or . . . we could do a Fiberkind meetup somewhere . . .

Oh yah… a Fiberkind retreat. Lol

About three years ago my daughter-in-law and I did this knitting trip to Iceland. We had a wonderful time. It was a very small group, and we really felt more like we were visiting cousins in Iceland. We knit in the morning and were chauffeured around in the afternoons to some very amazing sites. We felt like we saw the real Iceland. Knitting is huge there. It is taught to girls and boys in school.

Trips for Knitters looks like it would be great fun, too. I may do that one of these years!

Iceland does sound very appealing, from what I’ve read of it online. Thanks for your first-hand testimony. Maybe Iceland belongs on my bucket list.

I like the looks of the trip to Montana.

It’s incredibly beautiful there -right next to Glacier Park. We were there several years ago. I haven’t been to that lodge, but doesn’t it look fabulous!

It does, indeed, look fabulous. We just may drive ourselves there; sort of a land cruise.

How far are you? It took us two and a half days from California.

It would take us a couple of overnights along the way. Kind of a long yarn crawl LOL!

Yes, but great scenery, too. My step-grandson and his family live there. They love it.

Haven’t been, but I like the idea of a knitting cruise where my husband can tag along and relax while I take a lesson :slight_smile:

I love that the Missouri Star Quilt Company has a building with recliners, TV’s and billiard tables for those who don’t need to visit the dozen or so stores they have in town. I hope knitting cruises would have something for the non-knitters.