how does stashbusterswork? I need help with yarn addiction. it’s taking over my house.

joanna in texas

@vulcanprincess here is a link to the guidelines for those of us doing this…ashbusting-mal

Just jump in and ask questions, and someone will be glad to help you.
Every Saturday someone will call for your results that week.

It’s a lot of fun come and join us in reducing the stash.

PS love your name.

Welcome Joanna! We are glad to have you here at FiberKind.

Basically, you start at zero. Every week, there will be a new thread in this Stashbuster section. Here is this week’s thread:

Because you are starting today, your score is zero. Every time you acquire a full skein (bought, donated, inherited) it is a -2 points. Every skein used is a +2 points.

You can claim “partial skeins” one time - so if you make a hat, and only use a half a skein, you count +1 then when you finish the skein it is a +1. Same for the acquiring skeins.

I personally find it easier to keep track of when I just add / subtract “full skeins” so I don’t have to remember if my partial skein has been counted or not.

It is a fun thing. Glad to have you here!

Welcome @vulcanprincess This group has really helped me bust my stash.

Welcome. Hope you are encouraged to work through your stash.

I have my good weeks and bad weeks with tackling mine. This is at least helping me to ‘see’ if I am making some type of progress during the year.
Also helps me to know if I really want/need to buy that pretty skein calling my name at the local LYS.

how do the points work

See post #3 above. :arrow_up:

thanks took me a while to figure out how to see your replies.

No worries! Let us know if you need some help navigating the site.