Stash Enhancement

I made it to 15 of the 21 stores on the Chicago Yarn Crawl and this is my haul. Today, Stitches Midwest. Looks like I have some knitting to do.:smiley:


Loving that pompom!!

So jealous! What a beautiful haul! :eek:

It is for the hat which you see started. Everyone on my Christmas list this year is getting a hat, provided I can get them done. This first one is for my daughter-in-law.

My most recent acquisition… Natali Stewart gradient. Don’t know what I am going to do with this yet, but know that I will do all I can to do something with this BFL/Silk lace.


I love gradients but never know what to do with them. I’m looking forward to your project, this is gorgeous yarn.

I knit a shawl out of Natali Stewart’s BFL/Silk lace in Charlotte. Turned out gorgeous. I used the Sunshine and Ripples pattern by Kimberly Gintar, which I have not been able to find off-R. It was a wonderfully relaxing knit, watching the colors change.

What colorways did you get from Natali above?

@ochillia - this one is Flamingo! I love that it isn’t glowing pink.