Spinning in 2023

Show and tell us what you are spinning in 2023.

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I have been working on my medium thick worsted spinning. It is 3 ply and came out more bulky at ~4 st \1ā€. I am happy, though with the softness. Here are two swatches before and after being washed and dried. I am taking good notes on cards, especially the ratios.
This is spun on my Ladybug, Slow whorl, smaller notch.

This is also on my Ladybug, Slow wh, larger notch

Iā€™m learning that my yarn gets tighter as I knit. I read somewhere that if I put the ball farther away, it might abate some of that.
Should I experiment with spinning S singles and plying Z?

I saw a cool handspun project on YT (Amy King). She calls it a duo spin. Not sure if this is the same thing as a combo spin. She takes two braids, one a gradient, one a neutral or semisolid and makes separate bobbins of each ( or two of each if for socks to sorta match). Then plies them together. Kinda cool.