Spin De Fleece Week 1 Prize--Please read!

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We are super excited with all the participation in the Spin de Fleece2019 event!! It certainly has gone far beyond what we thought it would. It’s so fun to see everyone’s progress and their lovely fibers and wheels and spindles and such. I am sorry if I’ve not commented on your posts, but there are so many I can’t keep up!! I’m excited to actually have finished a fiber that I’ve had in my basket and on my bobbin for far too long; last night I plied and washed it–I love that feeling when that’s done.

And I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’ve enjoyed watching some of the Tour de France as well–I am so impressed with the endurance and strength it takes to ride those hills. At least our spinning wheels stay on a flat surface!! (Unless you’re one of those who are so good at drop spindles that you can walk around while you spin.) I still think treadling should count for exercise. [IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“src”:“https://ourunraveled.com/plugins/emojiextender/emoji/twitter/tongue.png”}[/IMG2]

Friday is Day 7 of our Spin de Fleece–I can’t believe it’s been a week already! And that means Saturday is the day we will draw for the first week’s prize. This week we will be giving away some fiber donated by @spinchick . I believe she dyes the fiber and sell it at her LYS. It’s gorgeous!

So to be reminded, the rules for participation are simple–you need to have had at least 5 days where you’ve spun for at least 20 minutes (or did fiber prep or plying, etc). Again, this is on the honor system and we’re not going around checking to see if you did that or not. (Ain’t nobody got time for that!) So, if by tomorrow evening (Friday the 12th) at midnight you qualified for this week’s drawing, please comment below and post your name. If you care to show a picture of what you did or at least tell us about it, that would be awesome.

If you’ve already met that qualification, feel free to go ahead and post your name; you don’t have to wait until tomorrow evening to do so. But to keep it fair, no posting after midnight on Friday, please.



As far as I can tell, here are the folks registered for the Week 1 prize:

If I’ve missed anyone, I apologize. @rkennell and I will be updating things to keep both sites in sync.

Thanks for moving this over for us DebbiRYarn

My pleasure, @yarnforall! (I’m trying out commenting on your post.)

[SIZE=14px]Ha!! You outed me. I was trying out commenting as well. This is fun. [/SIZE]

Dang,girl, we’re good!!

Thank you so much, @DebbiRYarn --I owe you big time, dear friend! I was at a meeting this evening, so you saved my bacon!!

My pleasure! I think it will take a while for everyone to get transitioned over here, but we’ll make it.

I’m here now! So I’m assuming we’re not going to post on the other site? Maybe we should put a big notice on the last post.

I think that’s an excellent idea–I’ll do that this morning!

WE HAVE A WINNER!! Thanks again to @DebbiRYarn for her amazing work in getting everyone copied over here last night while I was blissfully unaware of all the changes happening while I was away at a meeting last night. I came home to find she had efficiently copied our main posts over, including the list for the names to be drawn, which was my biggest concern since the week’s contest ended last night and I didn’t want to cut anyone out.

Anyway, all that being said–our Spin de Fleece 2019 winner for this week’s gorgeous fiber prize is… @FrogQueen !!! Congratulations!! Please contact @spinchick in a private message and she will get that shipped to you! Happy Spinning!

It has been so fun to see all the fiber spun and yarn projects being completed. I am blown away by how big the spinning group got in such a short time. We have lots of talent in this group and I am so excited to be learning from you all!

Congratulations to @FrogQueen !

Wow! I am stunned! The pile of old lottery tickets in my drawer will attest to the fact that I never win anything - so to win such a lovely prize is just amazing! Thank you!

Thanks for all of your help, @DebbiRYarn! :slight_smile:

Congratulations, @FrogQueen! :heart:

@FrogQueen Congrats, better try the lottery again this weekend!

Congratulations @FrogQueen on winning such a beautiful prize!!

Congrats! I will contact @FrogQueen as soon as I figure out this new and improved site. :slight_smile: I will get it mailed out Monday! Hoorah!!

Wow! Thanks for moving this over @DebbiRYarn ! I LOVE this new application. So much easier.

Congrats @FrogQueen ! That will be beautiful all spun up!