Spin de Fleece final week of prizes and also Grand Prizes--Be sure to read!

Wow–it’s hard to believe the 3 weeks of the Spin de Fleece 2020 and the Tour de France 2020 are almost over!! Aren’t you delighted with what you’ve accomplished these past 3 weeks??? I know I am! I have nearly finished spinning a fleece I purchased this summer and honestly thought it would take me at least a year or more to get it ready to knit, but thanks to this SdF, I was motivated to get it washed, prepped and now spun and plied. (All this during canning season!) I can’t wait to actually knit with it! I also learned how to do the long draw technique. I have to admit, when I first started I thought it was NOT going to work and my yarn was going to turn out lumpy and sad, but instead, I’ve got some lovely, airy yarn that will be incredibly warm! I’m thinking of ordering some more Shetland in different colors (prepped and ready to spin!) and then knitting up a hap. (Google it!)

Hopefully you’ve had some chances to stay in touch with what’s happening in Tour de France as well–I am so amazed at that strength and hard work that it requires for them to make it this far. It will be exciting to see who will earn the final jerseys!

Speaking of jerseys, we are going to have several “jerseys” to give away ourselves! We have a lot of prizes that have been donated and even if you didn’t make it all the way to the end, you can still have multiple chances to win!!

Here are the prizes we’re giving away this week!

  1. Our final “Stage Winner” this week (3rd week drawing) will receive the Finn fiber donated by @Carlota. This stuff is seriously squishy and amazing! I’ve never spun Finn fiber before, but this stuff looks like some serious fun!

  2. Our “Green Jersey” will be a nice little Turkish spindle. I ordered one of these for myself as well as for the prize and for one of my challenge days, I had fun playing with this little beauty. The other is waiting for some lucky recipient.

If you qualified for any one of the previous weeks’ drawings, you also qualify for this one!

  1. There will also be a “Polka Dot Jersey”–and this is the consolation prize. Actually THREE prizes will be drawn here, thanks to everyone’s generosity in donating prizes!! First up is another braid of Malabrigo Nube in Arco Iris colorway, donated by our very own @PurlgirlButtons! I love the colors of this one! Next is a really nice Fiberkind tote bag, donated (and decorated) by our very own @Char. The final prize is to help you knit up all that fantastic yarn you’ve spun and it is a yarn knitting gauge from Akerworks. It is a 4-inch knitting gauge and I love mine!

Again, this one includes EVERYONE who spun at least 5 days out of the entire month. I will draw these prizes last and will make sure it goes to someone who did not receive a prize already, just to keep it more fun for everyone.

  1. Then our GRAND PRIZE–This time we have TWO to give away AND THEY ARE BOTH AMAZING! To qualify for the Grand Prize, you have to have spun the entire event (with only 2 days of rest, just like the TdF bikers). The first prize is a Lap Fiber Artist’s Blending Palette from fancykitty of Fancy Kitty Products from She and I Designs! It is sold on their site for $149 and is a high quality product!! I know the owners personally and I know of the effort they put into making quality products, so the winner will be getting an amazing and generous prize!

The 2nd Grand Prize is TWO 4 oz braids (8 oz total!!) of a BFL/tussah silk blend from a local dyer and friend of mine, Heidi Malone of Dye-namic Duo. It is in the Koi Pond colorway. I have spun fibers purchased from this mother-daughter team before and I love them! (Oh, also, she is the sister of Sarah Anderson, author of Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs, which I have and is personally signed by Sarah and each of her 3 sisters–fiber runs in their family!)

So–be sure to sign up for each of these contests as you happen to qualify for them; the deadline will be Sunday night at midnight, September 20th, just like the Tour de France!! Also, I encourage you to do a challenge on the final Challenge Day, (today!) Friday, Sep. 18th–and share what you did in the progress report thread! Happy Spinning!

I will have a separate sign-up for EACH CONTEST so you may have to sign up for multiple entries. I will clarify each one in the description. The deadline is not until Sunday. Feel free to sign up for the ones you’ve already qualified for, but please don’t sign up until you HAVE completed the challenge.

Again, all entries MUST be entered by midnight in your time zone, just to make it fair for everyone. You have the rest of this weekend to post your entries. BTW, if you think you might be too busy on Sunday, you can enter your details BEFORE Sunday for all the ones you qualify for.

Hopefully this all makes sense, but if I need to correct something, please message me so we can make sure all is correct.