Something Strange

Last night, my sister was petting one of our cats, Olga. She heard what she said clearly sounded like the sound ours make when they jump down from something…something between a meow and a purr. She turned, assuming it was Nastya. The rocking chair was rocking back and forth fast, but no cat in sight. We searched the house and finally found her, sound asleep on our father’s bed. Now, the only thing I can figure is that it was our old cat, Stripe, checking in on us…There was no way that Nastya could have gotten to the bed without making another sound, and she clearly had been sleeping for some time. I wish I could have seen him if it truly was him.

I love those visits from our old pets. It warms my heart.

It would be nice if we could see them when they visit. I had chills when she told me. I was in a different room at the time and didn’t hear or see what she did, but it did bring the tears.

I have sometimes felt that I could see them in my peripheral vision - a fleeting glance.