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So I am trying to make a sock out of my handspun, which is thick and thin but about 14 wraps per inch. Am using size 3 needles…this is too big for my leg. :frowning: Would size 2 needles help or should I consider it a Christmas stocking for the dogs? Really enjoying using the yarn and doing this pattern. …



@dapncat - if you don’t want to be concerned with gauge and also with making a second matching sock of the same exact size, then considering your current project to be a Christmas stocking is a GREAT idea!

While there are many charts and blog posts discussing yarn weight, The Craft Yarn Council is considered the authority. [INDENT]1. How to Measure Wraps Per Inch (WPI) . . . Wraps Per Inch (WPI) by Yarn Weight
Link -…wraps-inch-wpi
On this webpage, we see that 14 WPI can fall into several categories, ranging from #1-SuperFine, to #2-Fine, to #3-Light.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]2. Standard Yarn Weight System - Craft Yarn Council[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Link -…-weight-system[/INDENT]

Seeking more information, we find that according to this KnitPicks blog post from 2012, 14 wraps per inch would be considered a DK weight (#3) yarn: [INDENT]Blog Post - Measuring Wraps Per Inch
Link -[/INDENT]

As seen on the Craft Yarn Council’s webpage of Standard Yarn Weight (linked earlier in this post),
and also on the WEBS website, typical sock yarn is a subset of fingering weight (#1) yarns: [INDENT]WEBS - yarn categories - sock yarn -[/INDENT]

Your BEAUTIFUL handspun may be a bit thicker than typical sock yarn.
[SIZE=16px]Although some sock patterns are written for heavier yarn, even worsted weight (#4) yarn, most are for sock yarn (#1)[/SIZE].
Does your pattern indicate what weight of yarn it is written for?

I frequently knit socks with dk weight yarn and I use a much smaller needle. You want a nice firm fabric for socks. I would recommend a sz. 1.5 or 2, depending on if you are a tight or loose knitter.

The best way to solve your sizing problem is to measure your foot and to calculate how many stitches per inch (spi) you are knitting. Then you multiply your foot measurement x your spi and then deduct 10% for negative ease. That tells you how many stitches to cast on.

It is beautiful! One thing I have noticed with socks is the top is big, but it seems to fall into place after a while.

Is your handspun superwash? Would it be possible to shrink it to fit when you are done?

Or, you could just consider what you did was a gauge swatch, and start over with same needles if you like the fabric you are getting with them, just cast on fewer stitches???


Join us at the Sock KAL:

I’ll just throw out here my favorite book for socks, Ann Budd’s Get Started Knitting Socks. She gives formulas for 8 stitch per inch socks all the way down to 4 stitches per inch. I refer to this book even when doing other patterns if I need to adjust the stitch counts.

Thank you! just checked it out and ordered. :slight_smile:

I love that book too.

Thanks everyone!! So…it seems like it’s really my choice (which it always has been, I just can’t decide).

Funny thing–I found those resources too and used them to figure wpi/weight of my yarn. The pattern calls for sock yarn. LYS suggested using size 3 US needles.

@lovestostitch I suppose I’m a tight to medium knitter–have loosened my grip over the years. If I figure out the number of stitches to cast on, then how do I figure the heel turn? (Sorry–as someone else here described themselves, I am a longterm lousy knitter) OR: do you have a pattern for DK weight socks you like?

@Char It’s not superwash! I could…carefully…shrink it…or have tiny felted Christmas stockings… LOL​:christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

So my decisions…run to the LYS today at lunch to get size 2 needles? (a 45 minute drive …I am in the middle of nowhere)
Carry on and live with my initial decision to wing it and come what may?

Start over and get a sock pattern for DK weight…preferably 2 at a time, so I don’t have to do second sock!

OR: anyone have a favorite shawl pattern that’s not too lace crazy? I’ve done some beginner lace stuff.

Again–thank you all! I am consistently finding these forums welcoming and kind!

If you tell me your stitches per inch and your foot and leg measurement, I can give you more advice.

Sz. 3 needles might be ok. Even if what you have done is too big, that doesn’t mean you can’t get sz. 3 to work. Your main goal is to create a tight gauge. Then you measure your stitches per inch and calculate how many stitches to cast on.

Doing a sock, no matter what weight yarn you use, is the same. For example, with my last pair of dk socks I cast on 52 stitches. For my heel, I divided that number in half and created my heel flap with 26 stitches. I decreased back to 52 stitches for my foot. If you have wider/narrower calves or feet, you can adjust the number of stitches on the leg or foot.

Thanks so much, @lovestostitch!

Here goes:
Highest I would want to go on my calf is 10 inches around. Then just above my ankle is 8 inches.
Foot: length is 10 inches; widest around is 9 inches

Gauge is 6 stitches per inch

@dapncat - Here’s the math:
Measurement x stitches per inch - 10% for negative ease = # of stitches

Upper calf: 10x6=60-10%=54
Ankle: 8x6=48-10%=43
Foot: 9x6=54-10%=48

If you are going to knit a sock that goes as high as your upper calf where you are 10", then cast on 54 stitches and do a ribbed leg so it isn’t baggy around your ankle. If you don’t mind having shorter socks, you could cast on 44 stitches.

Do your heel on half of your cast on stitches.

When you do your decreases, stop decreasing when you reach 48 stitches.

The only tricky thing with having a different amount of stitches between the leg and the foot is you need to remember to adjust the stitches on your needles so you have an equal number on each needle before you start your toe decreases.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with negative ease - you want your socks to be snug when you first put them on because wool does relax as you wear your socks.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask more questions.

ETA: A nice person sent me a PM to let me know I had mistyped and my math was wrong. I’ve corrected the 10x6 line.


Thanks!! So the pattern did have me cast on 54, which is just a smidge too wide. But I might keep going and see what happens.

@dapncat - Different knitting stitches can make a big difference. I need a lot less stitches with lace. Knowing that your cuff is too wide and your ankle is smaller, why don’t you frog the cuff and try it again with less stitches. I would put the cuff at the right spot and pinch it to get the right diameter. Then hold it and take it off. Count how many stitches are in your pinch and deduct that from your cast on.


Frog it is. Would you do the whole leg ribbed? Thanks for your patience

Knowing that your ankle is smaller, I think ribbing is a safer bet.

I can’t wait to see a picture of them on your feet! Do you know about the Sock KAL? We have a prize drawing every month. I’ll post a link below since you can’t post links in Comments.

Thanks! I saw that thread…I have been known to take a year to knit a pair of socks…