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Starting this month, I’m going to keep the Chat thread running and add the monthly theme as we go.

May 2022
Summer is almost here and it’s time to think about traveling so this month it is time to learn how to do Traveling Stitches. If you’ve done traveling stitches before, please share your pattern ideas.

Cascade Yarns Em Dash Socks. Free Pattern
Zigzagular Socks by Susie White
Swirl Socks

I think this would make a pretty sock but it does have a large number of stitches for the pattern repeat.

Has anyone done toe-up socks using the Fleegle heel? I am working on a baby sock design, but in order to get the design to work I have to do toe-up and I’ve only really done top-down before. I am trying to do a test on a plain vanilla sock just to get the hang of it before starting on the design one, but I keep coming out with a big 'ole hole on the side of the first leg round after I finish the heel. Has anyone done this method and have any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong? The only way I can fix it is to decrease more than I need to on the heel and then pick up 2 stitches on that side to close the heel, but it makes that spot look funky. The first pic is the side with the hole and the second is the other side with no hole. I chose this heel method because it was billed as the “no hole heel” but I keep getting holes. Help!!

Test Sock hole 3 Aug 22.jpg

Test Sock no hole 3 Aug 22.jpg

I do not do that type of heel, but when I do my standard heel flap and gusset, I pick up an extra stitch on each side of the instep and then decrease that on the next round. I don’t know if this would work for that type of heel.

I haven’t done a short row heel in years and have never done the Fleegle heel so I can’t help you either. I have done the Fish Lips Kiss heel and never had holes with that. You could just take a length of yarn and weave it in that spot pulling the hole closed.

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I do the same as crosstitchlinda … I will have to look at the fleagle heel…

I’ve always picked up an extra stitch at the “gap” on each side of the heel when I do heel flap and gusset top-down socks and that’s the only solution I’ve been able to manage when doing these toe-up ones. It just annoys me because the pattern is literally called the “no hole toe-up heel” but when I follow the directions I keep getting massive holes! I’ll just have to use my “fix” and ignore how annoyed I am with it. :unamused:

The pattern name for that heel is a lie… I have never managed that heel without the hole unless I picked up extra stitches and then decreased on the next round.

That is annoying! But I am so glad to learn that it wasn’t just me doing it wrong and others can’t get “no holes” either!

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