As our announcement indicates, we have launched SkeinLink ! It is a work in progress, so please be patient, but it is a place you can start storing all of your projects, and you can house your stash and such.

Please feel free to post any questions you might have about SkeinLink.

As I indicated in the announcement, you must PM me your email address to sign up for SkeinLink as it is part of fiberkind, but can also be a stand alone program.

Keep in mind, this is definitely a work in progress. We’ll get there, but we can’t do it all in a day. :fk:

Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

This is exciting! And we can all be kinda like beta testers so that she can fine tune everything. I love that! Going over to send you my email right now.

You should have a setup email!

So excited for this! I have some of mine on there, but have a long ways to go. Another excuse to reorganize my stash this coming winter.

@Char, do I need a new link even if I was in the original group? I can’t seem to be able to sign in. Never mind, I just saw your comment about the password autofill wanting to use my FK password. I’ll give it another try.

ETA: That worked. I just typed in the password manually.

Awesome! Glad it worked. :slight_smile:

@Char, thank you for setting me up in SkeinLink. I didn’t see a forget password choice, I probably overlooked it :confused: Hopefully it remembers the new one…

Anyway, it looks like an awesome feature!

Did you get in ok?

@Char, I got in fine the first time. Going back to see if I can upload a picture :wink:

Would like to upload a picture. Can that only be done on the initial entry?

@Char I am having problems uploading pictures to both fiberkind and skeinlink both of them just sit and think and don’t actually upload the picture. I’ve tried from both the comuter and the tablet.

OK pictures are working both places today!! Thanks Heather if you changed something. Maybe things were just too busy on the internet with the Christamas holiday.

Wonderful! It is happy again. :wink:

[SIZE=14px]Good morning. I have just now been able to browse thru Skeinlink and am adding the first skein of yarn from my stash. Is there a way drag and drop a photo of our yarn in the program? It currently asks you to upload a file, but I do not have my pictures stored as a file. My pictures are in a cell on my Stash Excel Spreadsheet & being able to drag and drop would be very helpful. [/SIZE]

@HeatherAthebyne - Can you please add some insight to this?

Thank you!

As far as I know, directly dragging and dropping pictures from Excel (even with changes on the SkeinLink side) isn’t supported for any website. If you don’t have the original pictures stored somewhere, you should be able to extract them from a COPY of your spreadsheet file. has the details.

@Char and @HeatherAthebyne Thank you so much. I wasn’t sure and thought I’d ask. I do not have any original pictures and will have to save them individually to upload here.

Ok - I am going to ring Heather and see what happened, but she might not get to it over the next couple days. :fk::christmas_tree:

No problem, and Merry Christmas.