Shetland wool - I love - hate - you

This is my first project with the real deal Shetland. I love, love, love the knitted fabric (just plain stocking for a sweater vest for DH) coming off the needles. I finished the back, picked up shoulder stitches to start the front and am part way down the upper front increasing at each neck edge for the V-neck.

Then I noticed my stitch count was off.

Now I know that everything that makes the fabric look so wonderful also makes it almost impossible to read your knitting. I’ve been tinking - painfully - one row at a time - trying to find the missed increase. I’m beginning to think it would be easier to just rip back to the shoulder and start again.

It’s going to be so worth it when it’s done. I made his first using Palette from KnitPicks. It’s a nice looking vest and this one is going to be a true heirloom.

@runner5, if you’re having so much trouble finding the missed increase, how in the world would any of us ever notice it??? :wink:

(I’m a recovering perfectionist, so I feel your pain!)

I love Shetland wool, too, but it is sticky - as you say, it is what makes the beautiful fabric, but it can be a bit of a pain to rip out. I find it’s always the easy patterns like stocking stitch that give me the problems. It probably has something to do with thinking I don’t have to concentrate, so I don’t. Seriously, though, I agree with @ilexedits. If you can’t see it, it is unlikely that anyone else will. If you know which side of the V is missing a stitch, just do an extra increase on that side - you will have the right stitch count by the end of the V and no-one will notice.

You know - I’m traveling (and doing the driving) but when I get to my destination, I’m going to have a look. I’ve been looking way up close and never thought to just step back and check the big picture. I guess you can tell I still haven’t found it.

My little lover’s spat with Shetland may be over!