Seeing only original posts

I get notifications for two groups and while I enjoy the original posts, quite often the notifications are simply for people reacting to the post with things like “funny” or “interesting” - is there a way to only get notifications for the original post and not the comments on the posts?

Good morning.

I looked under “User Settings”, then used the drop down menu and selected notifications. I don’t see anything there that would exclude replies, and I believe this is the only place it would be.

Yes, that’s where I went as well, so I guess it will have to stay. Thanks for your reply.

@annekepoot - One thing you can try is to go to “Latest Posts” and scroll quickly through those replies. That way you know you didn’t miss anything you wanted to see but you don’t have to do all that back and forth clicking. Then just hit “Dismiss” on all your notifications.