Seats while weaving

What do you sit on while weaving?
I have a Saori loom i like because it folds flat. I had a folding stool with it. When not weaving everything went pretty flat and out of the way. Also the stool was taller, like a bar-stool.
Monday i went to go weave, sat on the stool, next thing I know I am looking at the underside of my weaving. My elbow was complaining about the view.
Now I need a new seat. I am looking for suggestions. I do need to have my hips higher than my knee, so a taller seat is good.
Oh my elbow is doing well, not complaining any more.

I do have a weaving bench. The height is adjustable and it does tilt…I don’t use the tilt. It’s hard to scoot tho. I sit on an exercise stretching ball when I thread heddles because I need something low. Glad you are ok.

@Greennana So sorry to hear you took a tumble. Hope your elbow is okay. I use an adjustable weaving bench for my Louet David loom and a keyboard bench for my Saori and Louet Erica looms. I could use either seat for the Saori but the keyboard bench seems to fit it and me pretty well.