Row Counters

So I just discovered row counters and thought about getting once since I always lose papers that I have all the information on to try and keep track of.

Has anyone used them before? Which one is the best one or recommended? I am looking for one that can be used for both crochet and knitting. I was thinking of a clicker one that can lock in the count as I heard some digital ones are too sensitive and will often change the count numbers if you accidentally push something.

I also heard some work better than others, which is why I would like to know beforehand.

I would stick to your pencil and paper and buy some polypockets to put everything in so you don’t lose them. I tried row counters but find it easier to have a written record then if you make the pattern again you still have all the details such as number of rows to armhole, number of rows in sleeves to armhole decreases etc. I also find it a help to know which number row I am up to iand how many repeatsI have done if it is a complicated pattern. Good luck

I’d stick to the paper and pen. I would wonder if I remembered to click the row counter and would end up bamboozled… Paper and pen works well for me. I keep it in the project basket with my work and pattern if using one. :smiley:

I just lose things. I lost everything for a scarf I made and don’t know where I left off.

I thread a tapestry needle with a double length of leftover yarn (I use sock yarn but anything will work). Every 10 rows, I take a stitch (staying in the same column of stitches if that makes sense). It makes it really easy to keep track of the rows I knit and helps me keep both sides of a cardigan and the back number of rows exactly the same.

If I used a row counter, or written notes, I’d just lose them (adult ADD). I do keep notes on each project on a spreadsheet or on my phone in KEEP if the project is complex. I still have a hard time finding the notes later if I put the project down for a while. I’m finally learning that I’m a lot more productive if I only have one sweater, one sock and one mindless project going at a time. I just can’t handle more than that.

I have the same problem. If I am on my laptop I would use notes; but sometimes I am working away from my laptop.

I might trying the needle thing.

Though amazon did have a good row counter with a cord so you can wear it and it locks in the count. I am thinking of buying either the clover or knitter pride one (I know clover well so I trust them. I might get that one). They seem pretty cheap and have good ratings and even if I have things written down, I don’t think have one would hurt and less likely to lose them like I lose everything else.

I bought a row counter and never use it. I agree with everyone else who said to stick with paper and pen. If you walk away from your project for awhile, you need to write it down anyway. The only row counter I like is the one on the Knit Companion app. Have you tried that?

I use big clickers that I bought off Amazon and I use one with each project.

I am just going to buy one anyways. I keep saying that I lost all my papers so it hasn’t been helping me any and have little space. I basically have to start all over one of scarves since I don’t really know how to continue it as it has a pattern to it. I don’t really use apps as I don’t really use cell phones.

Good morning.

When I first learned to knit I used pencil and paper but I kept misplacing my notes or my fur balls would take my pencils to play with.

Then I switched to a Clover brand clicker that I put on a long cord and wear around my neck. I never misplace it, although I often forget I have it on and wear it out of the house.:joy:

I use an app on my Apple Watch. I also use an ingenious stitch marker row counter by Twice Sheared Sheep. But sometimes, you still need your paper and pencil :smiley:

There have been times when I have written all the row numbers down and write next to the number whatever I been to remember for that row, then cross it off when it’s done.