Ribbed lace pulling to one side (Elder Throw panel 2)

Anyone have a cure for my ribbed lace pulling to one side? I am knitting the Elder throw and the second installment is a knitted ribbed lace pattern. As I knit the first panel I noticed the whole piece was leaning to the left. I hoped it would straighten out after blocking but it didn’t. I blocked it straight but by the next day it was back to the left leaning stage. Grrr. The pattern is (WS) YO, P2tog, P2 (RS) YO, SL, K, PSSO, K2 From this pattern I know the PSSO on the RS gives a left leaning stitch and the P2tog on the WS gives a right leaning stitch but since it is on the opposite side it adds to the left lean making the whole piece lean left. I have tried several combinations to cancel out the lean without messing the look of the pattern but to no avail. Anyone know of a secret to keep this from happening?

@laurelmarie - I’m sorry I don’t have any advice but I had to reply. Is your name Laurel? My name is Laurel and I don’t meet many other Laurels. Welcome to Fiberkind!

Hi lovestostitch (aka the other Laurel), yes, my name is Laurel and like you I find it a name not seen often. As to the problem, I am solving it the lazy way…finding another lace stitch to use.

That’s not the lazy way it’s the smart one. BTW, our German Shepherd is named Laurel.

What lacy stitch did you decide on? Would love to see a picture :slight_smile:

Hi FreedomLover, (love your screen name) and how cute a GS named Laurel, bet she is a sweety.

Hi Char, I decided on the Faggot Pattern super simple, every row is K1, YO, K2tog and produces a sort of similar pattern without the lean. I will try and figure out how to post pics to show the new pattern.

The substitute lace pattern I picked is called Faggot Pattern and even though it doesn’t give the open lace rows as the original it still creates a vertical column look as the original. The dark blue is the new lace pattern I picked and it does not lean at all. The greenish tan is the original pattern but creates a horrible lean that does not block out.

20200429_093644 (1).jpg

I like it! Great substitution in my opinion!