Reply to a comment on forums

How do I reply to the comment on Forums without using @ user. Is there a reply button I’m just not seeing? It doesn’t look like there is a quote option for a comment using the quote function… I may be missing something very simple >.<

I have this question too.

@LiddleDesigns You either have to use the comment function which replies within the poster’s post OR you have to use the @ type reply if you want the person to be notified that you’ve mentioned them. I don’t know what kind of functionality exists on this platform, but I’d love to see a “reply” button on posts.

@Pamela W I’m glad it worked this time. Keep in mind that there have been ongoing updates as the site gets off the ground. It could have been that there was a glitch when you posted before.

I’d like to be able to reply to some post with a simple thank you or thanks sometimes, but those replies are short of the required number of letters. Is there a way that number can be lessened?

all set!

@Admin Thanks.

@Admin, how do I reply to a comment that someone has already made in reply to a post?

You can still click the comment button on the post you want to reply to, it will append your comment below the other persons.

@Admin I will do that with this comment to see what happens. I wanted to “like” your comment also. Is there a way to do that? If not, could that be added?

I used the comment option and my comment didn’t seem to be attached to the the post. Some times I struggle with the obvious. :rofl: lol but it worked this time, my learning curve may be flattening out!