Not exactly fiber news but i didn’t know where else to share the info.


My results were Purist which I do not believe. I prefer acrylic yarns but have a reference library of knitting. That is do to the fact 1) i work at a library 2) knit differently than most so have to figure out how to convert knitting terms to my style of knitting.

@Greennana My results are “the collector” which suits I guess. I know it’s really just a lark, but I’m not sure the quiz questions were really thought out very well. The way I choose wine is not the same as I choose yarn. LOL!

Kinda fun @Greennana , but really off base! I am also supposed to be a “purist” well but the description is certainly not me! I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but I refuse to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. I adore cashmere and merino wool, but finf Plymouth or Kraemer acrylic blends just perfect for a throw or baby blanket.

I’m certain the point of the survey is to gather in info and sell it to advertisers and political groups.

Ha! I felt the same way. Maybe that’s because Interweave inundated me with emails once I got on their mailing list. Took forever to get off, but just joining that one list got me on dozens more. Thank goodness I used one of my throwaway addresses!

I’m a mechanic–

[LEFT][SIZE=18px]“You’ve got multiple projects going all the time and you crank them out faster than a caffeinated cheetah. You have a life goal to unseat the [/SIZE][/LEFT]fastest knitter in the world[LEFT][SIZE=18px]. You’ve knitted gifts for almost everyone you know and can’t wait for cold weather to give more”

Sorta , but no desire to upseat the fastest knitter in the world. I do like cold weather… Well really the part that is right on, I got multiple projects going on :rolleyes:[/SIZE][/LEFT]

I got the mechanic too! Only it really is my life goal to unseat the fastest knitter in the world!!! It has been for a couple of years now. I got a little hope for it when my friend, the fastest knitter in Maine, was surprised to see me work. Only I would be even happier if the Fastest Knitter, like, needed a padawan or something. Hazel Tindall, if you are reading this, I would totally apprentice myself and do any menial task you could throw at me for a chance to learn. Not even joking. Knitting resume upon request.

What does a knitting resume look like?

I have no clue. If pressed, I’d drag out pictures of things I had made. Maybe that’s not even what you do, I don’t know. I’m not a professional. :wink:

Interesting - apparently, I am a purist. Well, thank you for the compliment, it could have been so much worse ;). I did disagree with the bit about not being caught dead knitting with acrylic, I actually use it quite a lot, especially for things like baby blankets that have to be washable. It does have to be good quality, though, so maybe I am a purist. I know it is just a bit of fun, but I will be interested to see if I now get swamped by advertisements for “high-quality” yarns!

[SIZE=14px]That was fun! I am apparently an Extraterrestrial. Which is only sort of true…maybe more than sort of true. lol

Thanks for sharing the link! :)[/SIZE]


We can hope with ownership back to Linda it will be a better place I once again!

I agree I saw that episode of Letterman & never want my work too look like that

Thanks for sharing - enjoyed having it here !

The purist. Sounds about right. I do always fix my errors.

@wheat Absolutely!

That’s interesting. Maybe I’m part collector and part purist. I do collect yarn for sure and I love expensive fibers and hand painted yarns. I also do fix all of my mistakes. In my case I’d have to agree with them about the acrylic, but only because if I was caught knitting with it I might well be dead. (I’m allergic to the acrylic fibers to the point where my throat swells up.) I sorely miss being able to use acrylic for prayer shawls and kids’ blankets.

Ha! Apparently I am a Machine even though I am the slowest knitter in the western world :confused: I do have my share of UFOs, though…

So, I have to ask, which planets you come from?

It says I’m a Machine. I must have misunderstood the questions because none of the description is anything at all like how I see myself. I never have more than one project at a time and I’m s-l-o-w. It was still fun to do.