Priorities ...

When you have two WIPs already on needles but your daughter-in-law asks if you can knit a, open-style, “lovies” size, blanket for your darling granddaughter to take naps with at the baby-sitter’s house, you set aside all WIPs to accommodate.

@dekpass that sounds like a perfect reason to set aside all WIPs!

Putting WIPs aside for grandchildren may be one of the reasons I have several items that need finishing. I understand this completely. :slight_smile:

Sounds like my priorities. Unless one of the WIPs is a birthday gift for another grandchild. I’m which case I will be finishing the gift as fast as I can.

Sounds as if you’ve got your priorities straight, for sure!

Lol! Definitely agree! :heart:

Yup! My grandgirls easily top my request list :wink: