Polka Dot Jersey--Consolation prize

Okay, this is the “Polka-Dot Jersey” contest, a consolation prize. If you had a crazy month like mine and had some times where spinning just didn’t happen like you had planned–then this is for you! If you spun at least 5 days out of the entire month (for at least 20 minutes per session), then you can enter this contest!!

The fiber is to be donated by our very own @2manyyarns . She has a fiber dying business and offered some fiber at the beginning of the Spin De Fleece, so it will be some lovely fiber, no doubt, dyed by her own hands! However, she is also a busy mom of nine kids, and as a result, I don’t think she’s been on the website this week at all. So as soon as I hear from her, we will connect her with the winner of this contest. We are so -thankful for her generous offer.

So, if you have already spun at least 5 days this month, I hope to see your names on this list!! It should be a long list!

Edited to add: Our fiber has been donated by a local dyer, Heidi Malone, @MamaMalone. She and her daughter are a dyeing duo called Dyenamic Duo and just sell locally and occasionally at shows for now. But she offered to donate the fiber if I would give her a shout-out. She just learned of our site today, so hopefully she will be joining us soon! (ETA: She just joined this morning) Here is the fiber she donated and I will be shipping it to our winner:


Leaving my name on here as well (yarnforall)

I qualify for this one! Pick me, pick me!

I have hit each spin day so far :slight_smile:

True to form - I did great the first week, struggled to make it through the second week, got to the end of the third and was 'did I spin this week? Wehre did this week go? I know I opened a box of fiber and smelled it for a loooonnnnnngggg time. I was kicking myself but now I’m not because craziness makes me eligible for this contest. YAY!

Your month sounds like mine! I did great the first week, had to travel the next week to help my sister’s family move, so I took my spindle along, and this week I had to cover extra work for my boss and I had days where I didn’t even spin! So glad you can still be eligible!

I qualify.


I qualified!

I guess I qualify for this one too since I only missed on the rest days, right? So here I am submitting another entry.

So, for the final drawing, we have the POLKADOT JERSEY consolation prize winner. As in all the drawings, I used our handy-dandy Random Name Picker to choose a winner–no favorites played. However, if you did win a prize in another contest this weekend, I did remove your name from the list in order to give more people a chance to win something.

We did run into a bit of a glitch here–the person who offered to donate the prize apparently has been very busy and has not been on our website for well over a week and thus, has not seen my messages to her, but as I mentioned earlier, she is a busy mom of 9 and with school starting up soon, I’m sure she has her hands incredibly full! However, I am planning on going fiber shopping either today or tomorrow and I will personally hand pick a gorgeous fiber to gift our winner with. It will be a generous 4 oz, dyed by a local indie dyer, Heidi Malone, who also happens to be the sister of Sarah Anderson (author of The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs). I have some of her fiber and it is swoon-worthy! I love spinning it and I am sure our winner will love it as well. I will post a picture as soon as I can get in touch with her (keeping my fingers crossed that she’s not on vacation right now!). I’m also hoping she’ll consider adding her name to our Vendors list so we have another source of fiber to purchase from–I’ll certainly do my best to convince her.

So, the prize is delayed, but still coming!!

And our winner for this prize is…

@Stitch81 !!! Congratulations–I love it that you donated a spindle and you ended up winning some fiber–how fun is that! I will have fun personally handpicking your fiber out, so would you please contact me via private message here and give me your mailing address so I can have it shipped to you as soon as I get it? Thanks!! Again, I apologize for this hiccup, but we’ll do our best to get this delivered pronto.

@Stitch81 Congratulations !

Awesome! Thank you! And thank you so much for heading this up for us!!!

You’re welcome!

Yay @Stitch81 - congrats!

Congratulations @Stitch81

Congratulations, @Stitch81!!

@Stitch81 Congratulations for winning! Such beautiful fiber! Enjoy the spin!

Congratulations @Stitch81 !!!

Me me me :grin: