On the first version of the site I posted the following:
[LEFT]“Hello, all. I’m excited to be here. I just discovered knitting podcasts over the past 6 months, and love knitting while watching podcasts. Unfortunately, several of the ones I’d grown to love have come out with big pro-you-know-who comments this week, which just puts me off. I don’t really care what people’s opinions are, as long as it isn’t a theme of their podcast. [/LEFT][LEFT]Can folks recommend knitting podcasts that you enjoy, where the podcaster hasn’t taken a loud and obnoxious anti-free speech stance? Anywhere around the world, preferably in English. [/LEFT][LEFT]Thanks.”[/LEFT]

There were a lot of recommendations, and I have collected them to move to this new site. Admin, if you end up moving everything from your end feel free to delete this. There were a lot of fun comments along with the recommendations, but that would be a lot of typing … so here’s the collection as of Friday night July 12th:
[SIZE=14px]A Lovely Yarn
A Tale of Two Knitters
Bakery Bears
Cantankerous Knitter
Cozy Up Knits
Crochet O’Clock
Forest City Girls
Fruity Knitting
In a Pickle Knitting
Maria Tusken
Meanwhile, at the Castle
Must love yarn
River Falls Plantation
Roxanne Richardson
Scraptastic yarn
Stephanie Knipper
The Crazy Sock Lady
The Woolen Homestead
Unseen Strands
Vone Kevitz

This is super helpful. Thank you.:slight_smile:

If you like teaching podcasts, check out Suzanne Bryan on Youtube. She has two channels; one on which she does live streams and the other is composed of shorter, teaching videos. The live streams usually work through a KAL, such as a yoked sweater project.

I unfortunately have lost a few of my favorites lately, but one that isn’t listed made the cut! Traveling Stitches Podcast by Noelle Burke. If you listen from the beginning it is heavy on knitting, horses, and travel, but due to changes in the hosts circumstances, it changes to a more stationary show. Later episodes focus more on knitting and fiber and Florida travel and theme parks (and knitting there).

Super, I’m glad to see this thread picked up again … I got a lot of good suggestions, and something for every taste.

I am brand new to listening or watching podcasts.
So, I do not have any thing to add to this list, yet.

Just wanted to say …Thank you everyone for your suggestions.

My child helped me figure out how to get Spotify on my cell phone, so I could explore the audio podcasts, and I have figured out how to subscribe to You Tube channels.

Now the trouble is…limiting my exploring the internet time. LOL.

@WyomingSue I am getting back into podcasting/videos! I recently uploaded one and I’m calling them knitting snippets! I will be uploading another one shortly! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NK6vhJ2aB3E

Lovely shawl. I used green and white fingering weight yarn together, along with plain white, cream or greens DK in a prayer shawl recently. Having just gotten back into knitting last year, one thing I haven’t done yet is an asymmetrical shawl. So that will be an item on my list–about #10 from now!

Thank you! I love asymmetrical! It’s so easy and intuitive!

I love KnittingTheStash, Melissa is very down to earth and lovely to watch. This podcast specializes on garment modifications and sheep! Know where your wool comes from.

I used to like Joji’s podcasts but Journal #38 at the end, insulted the USA. I will not watch any more of her podcasts or purchase her patterns.

That makes me so sad that she would insult the US.

I just watched Joji’s #38 again, and I did not detect any insult. I wonder if you misunderstood something? At the beginning, she said it was the 4th of July, and wished happy Independence Day to all her American friends. At the end of the podcast she was talking about her new Venezuelan embroidering acquaintance, and talked about how he came to Argentina. What was the comment about the US that you heard?

I would add A Homespun House. I’ve been watching her for a couple of years. Molly made a general statement that she shows respect to all people which felt right to me. I haven’t heard her make strong statements except that. She’s not put anyone “down”, that’s not been her style. She’s an indie dyer and a lot of her podcast is about her yarn but I really enjoy her demeanor and how devotion to her family, etc.

During the racism business, I happened to discover Earthtones Girl with Denise by accident and really enjoy her!! There are others I enjoy who’ve said they stand with R and I haven’t decided yet about continuing to watch but they haven’t been heavy handed about what they believe in.

Just watched a YouTube with Maria Tusken on Unsafe Spaces - excellent!


This! I watched one episodeof off the cuff and learned so much. She will teach you to knit properly fitted sweaters and go through all kinds of scenarios you might find.

Yes, that was a very good interview.

Extremely interesting and illuminating interview. Thanks for posting!

Ms Deplorable Knitter and I just started a podcast, I’d be chuffed if y’all watched it. :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-Sn…mhajyLmtojbDVk

You are both awesome!
Thanks for posting this link.

I’ll be sure to check it out!