Pictures won't display to some users

I’ve been having a devil of a time posting a picture today. I’ve posted lots of pics here, but today I’m getting feedback that people are seeing a small box with an x inside rather than an image. I haven’t changed anything…same computer, same image file, same method of posting. I can see the image in my post, and so far one other person says she can see it as well. Apparently no one else can though.
I have even tried copy paste, and changing from jpg to bitmap. I’m at a loss.
Any ideas?

Thanks for everything!!

I think our database might be struggling, I increased the size of the box a couple days ago but it’s still seemingly underwater. I’ve been working on optimizing but I think I just need to increase the size of the machine. I was hoping to wait until a quiet time but I may have to do it tonight.

Thank you. Sounds like a good problem to have :wink:

Yeah, I wish I was a better DBA :-D, I can muddle my way through but I’m no expert for sure.