Picture Size Limits

Does anyone know what the picture size limits are and where this info resides?

I think I simply saw it in a very early thread here in Tech Support. The current limit is 1440x900. Unfortunately, the site won’t warn you that your pic is too large to upload. Instead, it tries to upload first, and only then gives you the explanation that it’s oversized.

Doesn’t the message box saying that the pic is too big also give the max size? I can’t remember now… :rolleyes:

Hi…I have uploaded pic much bigger than the 1440x900, so don’t know what is a correct size. I did put the question in the tech support forum to see what Mr Admin has to say.

Well, that is weird. When I’ve forgotten to scale images in GIMP first, it tries to upload, then barfs with the “over size” message box. I wonder if there was a time before the size limit was implemented, which was when you successfully uploaded the larger ones?

Interesting. I tend to look at these things as I have my own website, and picture size is important. Just seems to me that as this site grows, which I certainly hope it does, having standard conventions will help keep it professional looking? And I guess I am a bit anal :cool::cool:

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