Phone icon?

Previously I had an icon on my phone for our unraveled it doesn’t work now is there a new one and if so how do I obtain it right now the only way I can get here is through the email

@Liana Was the icon from the original site? Before the platform changed? If so, then that wouldn’t work anymore. What type of phone are you using? If you’re on an android, you should be able to come to the site and then click the 3 dots in the top right corner. Then click “bookmarks” and add the bookmark. That should work with Chrome or the native browser.

@Liana, were you able to get the icon on your phone working?

@Liana, if you’re trying to add a shortcut to Fiberkind to your phone’s home screen, here’s how I did it on my Android phone:

Pull up Fiberkind’s website from Google search, or your preferred method.

Locate the three vertical dots to the right of the URL at the very top of the page.

Tap the dots, and scroll down to select “Add To Home Screen”. A shortcut will be sent to the home screen of your phone.

Hope this helps!

Thank you! I just did this, I’m mostly on my laptop but use my phone if I’m out or adding pictures and this is so cool.

Awesome - easier to find FiberKind! :slight_smile:

@FreedomLover - shortcuts on a phone home screen are very useful, and you can even make folders if you want to to keep things organized and reduce the clutter. If you have two or more home screen items, or apps, that you want to put together to form a folder (folders can include website shortcuts formed by adding them to the home screen as well as apps) just press, hold, and drag one shortcut/app over the other and both should show up together in a “dot”, which is the folder, on your home screen. The folders can be named and renamed from the home screen, and you can hold and drag more items into a folder later. For instance, I have a folder on my phone home screen titled “Fiber Communities & Shopping”. In that folder I have shortcuts to Fiberkind, Fiberocity, Open Ravel (snuffle, but not for too much longer), Freedom Knits, Etsy app, LoveCrafts, Makerist, and about 15 other sites/apps all tucked into one nice, neat “dot” on my home screen. Since I use my phone almost exclusively, I have quite a few folders but it’s organized and easy to find things. Caveat - I have an Android, but I’d imagine just about any smart phone has the same capability.

That’s good to know, and I have a Samsung.

@Woolfan, thanks so much for all this great info. I’ve just made some changes to my Samsung phone’s home screen.

@FreedomLover, the process should be similar. Never thought I’d use a smartphone over a laptop, or tablet, but it’s so darn convenient…so long as the reading glasses are close at hand. :roll_eyes::smile:

@CherylDeeCrochet, glad to hear that you found some useful tidbits! I really like using folders. Too many shortcuts on my home screen sets off my OCD something fierce! :laughing: