Pattern Ideas for Handspun

What patterns have caught your eye that you think would be an excellent use of your handspun yarns? What are your go-to patterns from past projects? Some of us are new to spinning and need to broaden our repertoire and vision of items that make handspun yarn shine. Please, if you are posting pictures, only post pictures of your own items. You can post a link to a pattern site or just the name of a specific pattern so we can search it ourselves.

I am looking at vest patterns for my latest SDF spinning. I’m looking at the Buttonbox vest from Knitty and the Barnstaple Vest from KnitPicks. I have the newest Ganseys book from KP that I haven’t knit from yet.

I have made a sweater from my handspun, I used the Ann Budd sweater book to do so.

I wanna try these; not for my spin-de fleece yarn though, I’m thinking maybe a lace shawl for that.

I like stranded color work with handspun.

I also have a pair of felted mittens made with this yarn, that I don’t seem to have a picture of yet.

I have yet to make a handspun sweater.

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One of The Knitter’s Handy Books of Sweater Patterns? I own both of those. they are the most useful books I have.

It’s always been a pipe dream to try a hand spun sweater. I don’t have enough of one yarn and wow …anything complicated intimidates me

That’s a very interesting construction on the Knitty gloves pattern. Your pictures are lovely.

@dapncat It could take a couple of seasons to work up to it but you could do it. One doesn’t have to start with a fleece. Without getting too technical you just see what size yarn you are able to spin and then choose a pattern that is written for that gauge. It is rather fun to have a long-term project to work on - nice to know it is there, like a friend, as when you are knitting or crocheting a blanket.

@Sommerfugl Yes, a top down pattern Here is a picture. I imposed a colorwork pattern onto the raglan pattern to use up lots of small amounts of spin.


I’m working on a sweater that is specifically designed to use up a bunch of different skeins by blending them. Look up the Less is More cardigan by Amy King on


Hee…I have a long-term blanket of all my white and grey spun yarn…several years of working on this blanket very very slowly. So I suppose that one more long-term project won’t hurt!

I actually stumbled on a project on the current Knitty that is designed for any gauge–so may try that.

@PurlgirlButtons thanks for the pattern idea - I had wondered if there was sort of a formula for the introduction of colors and so I see that it is a great way to combine some various shorter spins. I would want long sleeves and therefore would save some of each color for the sleeves, in proportion to the number of stitches.

That’s beautiful - very modern looking too.

Very nice!